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All the features you need to find the perfect Home.

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Looking to find roommates? Have a maintenance issue? Need automatic rent payments? Elev has everything you need to find your Home and maximize your stay.
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Pick the right Home, exactly the way you want it. 

Filter properties based on your ideal criteria. Whether you need a place with 3 bedrooms, smoke-friendly, or close to groceries stores, you’ll find the perfect home just for you.
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Take a look inside before you decide.

Elev allows you to book a viewing directly in the app so you can get a look at every part of your favourite property before you call it your new Home.
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No more stressing about signing your lease.

Elev outlines all of your lease details and ensures that the terms are clear before you move into your new place.
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Get matched to a place with all your Must-haves.

Your perfect match is waiting for you. With Elev's Match System, you'll be matched with Homes that have everything you're looking for.
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Never miss a rent payment again.

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Automatic rent payment through Stripe™ takes the stress out of missing a payment date by automatically paying your rent once it’s due.
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