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7 types of student renters

There are different types of student renters, and with each come different and overlapping requirements. This can help guide your listing description to better accommodate multiple types of renters.

Apartment Renters

Because apartments are a great choice for first-time renters, these students choose to live in off-campus apartments because they want more security and rent-inclusive amenities. They will prefer to live alone or have as few roommates as possible, and will prefer a place that offers them privacy as they work on their growing independence.

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House Renters

These are students who choose to live in a house, either individually or with roommates. These students are looking for more space for a better price, longer lease terms, and more privacy. These students will have to prepare for more responsibilities, such as yard work, shoveling snow on their sidewalk as a safety requirement and home repairs/ maintenance.

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These are students who may not be able to commit to a full lease and may sublet a room or an entire apartment/house from someone else. They may also just rent a room

International Students: These are students who come from other countries to study in the host country. They may have different requirements but range from looking for short term rentals while they become familiar with the city, or long term rentals that will allow them to focus on their school and legal responsibilities. They will have a student visa and proof of registration to prove they're a student.

Graduate Students

Students who are pursuing a graduate degree may have different needs and expectations than undergraduate students. They will prefer privacy and quieter roommates/ living conditions. They may also have a different budget and are more likely to look for more long-term housing options. They may have different housing needs such as better study environment, and may not be as interested in the social aspects of campus life because of their work/school life. They may spend more time at home and will take comfort into consideration for their housing needs.

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Single Parent Students

Students who are also single parents will have additional considerations when it comes to housing, such as finding a place that offers privacy, is spacious for the family members' different requirements (study and play), is in a safe neighborhood, and close to childcare facilities.

It's important to note that students may fit into more than one category and each individual student's needs, preferences and budgets will be unique.

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