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A Guide to Making your Property Stand Out

In today’s saturated market, it’s harder to catch a potential tenant’s eye. You could be adding all the right details and post your listing in all the right places, yet still come up empty when it comes to finding a good tenant. How? You may not be showing off your property’s best assets or marketing it to the target renters you’re looking for. Poorly lit photos, mundane language, and little context- these are all small details that make a huge difference and could be stopping your listing from being a top hit for renters.

Below are some simple, yet very effective tips to make your property stand out and ensure you maximize your earnings!

  1. Good Photos Make All The Difference

When searching for a home, a tenant’s eye gravitates to the pictures first, and since this is your chance to make a good first impression and attract the best tenants for your property, investing in high quality pictures is the first step.

Just because you have a smartphone with a camera does not mean it’s the best tool for photographing your property. The plus side is if you invest once in good photos you will be able to reuse them when you list your rental again!

  1. Put Your Writing Skills To The Test

While some phrases are common and necessary to use when listing (i.e.: “2 bed, 1bath”), it’s important to add onto that the features that make your property stand out. Use your writing skills, paired with some interesting keywords to catch your future tenant’s attention. Describe the unique features of your property with detail and excitement.

  1. Offer Irresistible Extras

One of the best ways to make your listing more attractive to renters is to offer more than the competition. By doing a little simple math, and following our Elev guide on inclusive utilities, you can calculate the average price of utilities to include in your rent. This also gives you, as a landlord, flexibility to charge a premium price for your rent because, not only are you including the utilities, you are also taking on the hassle of paying that bill from the tenant, and many people will pay extra for peace of mind. Just remember to follow step 2 and enticingly write this in your description!

For more tips on how you can make the most out of your rental property, check out the Elev Blog!

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