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Building trust with your Landlord

Elev's features create an easy renting experience, to help build a relationship with your landlord that is positive, easy and stress free. Here are the features you can find on our platform.

Feature 1

Tenant screening so you can build trust with your landlord immediately.

Elev landlords want to know their tenant before they welcome them into one of their listings. To build confidence that you're a student tenant, landlords will use the following documents uploaded to your account profile to screen you. You can view homes without an account but will need to create one once you're ready to schedule a viewing or send in an application.

  • your student profile information

  • your uploaded references

  • your background check results

Feature 2: Digital lease

Because you sign your lease agreement digitally, upon its signing, you immediately have it as a reference stored in your tenant account; paper-less and easy to find.

Feature 3: In-app Chat feature

There's so much going on in your life which is why this is our favourite feature. All renting communication occurs on here so you can directly chat with your landlord, send in maintenance requests, and track and find messages quickly.

Feature 4: Automated rent payments

How can you ensure you never forget your rent payments? Well, with our automated payment feature, your landlord automatically receives rent each month. This secure payment occurs securely through Stripe.

Feature 5: Convenience

Having all these features in one place means you both respond quickly, can access receipts at anytime, and have the tools to maintain a trusting relationship.

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