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Choosing to live with roommates

Updated: Jan 20

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Approximately more than 15% of young adults live with a roommate. There are two ways to select your roommates when searching for a home on Elev:

  1. Move into a house with roommates that you've selected and already know

  2. Move into a room/ property as a roommate to current and future unknown roommates

Tips for moving in with roommates you know:

  • Make sure you've had a discussion about how much you can spend on rent and furnishing, your transportation and distance preferences, and the preferred neighborhood. For more preparation tips, read this list.

  • Look for properties together to speed up the process and agreement on your final choice

  • View the homes together which will allow you to introduce yourself to your future host

  • Ensure that both your names are on the lease as the tenants

Tips for moving in with roommates you don't know:

With Elev, you can rest knowing that you're both students which makes it easier for you to get along.

  • If you don't know anyone, you can use Elev's roommate matching feature to match you with the best roommate.

  • Introduce yourself when you apply so the hosts better know you and what kind of tenant you may be. It can be as simple as:

"Hi, I'm looking for a quiet place to live for 4 months. I have an active recreational life at school and would spend most of my time at school as a result."
  • If you prefer to live with the same gender, check the listing description for these details.

  • Lastly, maintain respectful and courteous behavior to your roommate. This means maintaining a clean space for each other, respecting each other's privacy and respecting each other's culture which may translate to observation of new foods and practices.

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