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How to be a great Elev Landlord

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

1. Create good communication habits.

Elev offers direct communication with the chat feature, and maintaining this will help alleviate student stress in a new home. Therefore good communication looks like:

- responding to tenants' requests within 24 hours

- stating when request will be completed/fulfilled

2. Provide a lease that lines up with the school term.

Students are in school for a maximum of 8 months at a time, planning for 4-month increments. It's possible that students will stay past the 8 months but providing a lease term that includes 4- and 8-month lease options will be more attractive to tenants.

4. Provide renting rules on what is/is not allowed and how to take care of the property.

Providing rules and guidelines of how to take care of the property will limit the number of maintenance requests you receive. This also empowers the student to solve problems on their own, as most prefer to find quick and smart solutions before putting in a maintenance request. Don't underestimate the student's ability to problem solve with the right information.

4. Respect the privacy of the tenant.

Students report that their desire to live off-campus is because it provides more privacy, freedom and independence. Therefore, when doing regular landlord checkups, ensure you give early warning to respect the student's new space.

5. Respond to maintenance requests quickly.

Maintenance requests will be a last resort for students if they are entrusted with the right information about the property. Especially since students prefer to limit interruptions to their day due to study requirements.

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