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How to Find the Best Prices and Services for Maintenance at Your Property

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

As a landlord, you already know that the cost of maintenance for a property can add up. At the same time, you probably already understand that having a property that is clean and well-maintained can make all the difference when future tenants are shopping around.

The costs of maintenance on your income property come from all different directions. From routine carpet steam-cleaning, to unexpected plumbing work, the list of things that need fixing can sometimes seem endless, and the price tags aren't cheap. With the help of YouTube, you might be tempted to tackle on a project yourself, but unless you have extensive experience, sometimes the do-it yourself approach can end up costing you more in the long run. A lot of landlords run into this problem because they get discouraged when they see the high prices for certain services, thinking that the only way to save money is to do the work themselves. This isn't always the case. As long as you do your due diligence and put some effort into the process of finding a good plumber, handyman, or whatever you may need, you can get a job well-done for a great price.

Below are some good guidelines to ensure you get the best value but also the best quality of service for any maintenance that needs to be done!

Shop Around, Compare Prices, and Remember You Have Plenty of Options

As a consumer, know that you have many options when choosing someone to do work at your property. The market is competitive so contractors, plumbers, electricians, and handymen are always looking for work and the first price they give you might not necessarily be their bottom line. When you set out to find a service, remember that the most important tool you have is options. Use this to your advantage and try to shop around on different sources to find the best prices for what you are looking for. From there, we suggest getting at least 5 different quotes for the same job. Once you have your top 5 quotes create a list (on paper or in your head) of the pros and cons of each quote.

Sometimes a slight difference in price can be worth a better quality of job. Read reviews if they're available, and ask for a few references of work that the individual has done for other people. This should give you a pretty solid idea of what kind of work they do, and also other details whether or not they show up on time or their professionalism. Based on your personal presences and priorities you should have a pretty good idea which person is the best for the maintenance you're looking to have done.

Depending on the job you need done, you can look to companies that hire university students. For example, many Edmonton painting, snow removal, window washing, and landscaping companies only hire college students. They have very affordable prices and provide great service. Plus, you never know, you could find your next student tenant at the same time!

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