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Improve these 3 Listing Features to get more Applicants

Your time and listing will be more valuable, if potential tenants contact you ready to view a home they already like. How can you make sure your listings gain more tenants? Well, you can increase the efficiency of the application process by improving these 3 features in your listing.

1. Photos of your listing

The quality and visibility of your listing in these photos will quickly inform the tenant how well your listing will meet their needs. Photos that show the furnishings and property features listed, will lead to a more informed tenant before they even apply.

So, how do YOU take property photos that attract more applicants?

1. Prep your listing by removing any clutter, so your listing appears welcoming and hospitable to tenants.

2. Take photos of your listing to show what the rooms look like from ceiling to ground, in bright lighting. Make sure to include pictures of features that give your listing an additional advantage such as the laundry room, garage, natural lighting.

3. Organize your pictures to guide the tenant through the general layout of the house. This provides a quick understanding of the space as the tenant browses your photos from main entry to the final room.

For a limited time, Elev is providing a FREE photoshoot service for your listing(s).

2. Adding required documents needed:

Listing the required documents needed from an international student, new domestic student and continuous renter will decrease the questions raised in the initial conversation. Form requirements such as recommendations, references and job history can take time to collect so it gives the tenant an early awareness of what is needed. Listing the documents your listing requires means a fully informed tenant will be applying. This will speed up the communication between both parties and the application process.

3. The ABOUT section

Your ABOUT section can make your listing memorable. Adding extra amenities that are included with your listing (high-speed internet, extra freezer) will help it to stand out to a student for its advantages.

Benefit: These 3 actions will prepare your tenant to have fewer questions about the physical characteristics of the space and personal preferences, leading to serious applicants who are ready to commit to the listing as it is shown.

If you're ready to list your place with Elev, book your photoshoot to complete your listing!

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