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Tips: Preparing to Rent off-campus

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

1. Plan to see multiple listings in a day.

When you have saved your preferred list of homes, schedule at least 3 viewings per day giving yourself enough time to get to each one. This will help you cross off homes that don't meet your needs faster because of potential high competition of a popular listing.

2. Research the property.

Use local apps to understand how safe your local neighborhood is. Research the local neighborhood on a map to find grocery stores, banks and shopping districts close by. You can also search for it in the news section of google, or utilize the city's community tools, like the community safety map shown on the Edmonton Police site.

3. Roommates.

Consider searching for a home with a roommate. They help with decreasing loneliness, increasing security and are a great way to traverse the city together. Our roommate matching feature is used to match you with a roommate based on preferences and hobbies.

4. No big purchases.

Don't purchase anything big (until after having lived there for a year). If this is your first home off campus and is in a new community, give yourself time to know the community because of a short lease term, and available amenities in school and apartment buildings that you can take advantage of. For furniture, Facebook marketplace is a great start to keep your spending low and reduces worry about reselling the items later.

5. Get rental insurance.

Rental insurance can be as low a $12 per month, with Duuo. Circumstances that would encourage having rental insurance are moving to an unknown area or if your host requires it after accepting your application.

To upload your insurance, click on your Elev profile and add the emailed proof of coverage.

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