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Top 5 reasons why you should live off-campus

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Debating living on campus or off campus? There are a lot of things to consider! Here is the breakdown of what you need to know about the benefits of living off campus.

#1 - MONEY

As you may know, most students don’t have the luxury of spending copious amounts of money during their time at University. Most of us have student loans or have a part time job in order to afford the expensive reality of the University lifestyle. Living in residences is very expensive; you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a tiny little place that you can barely call home for 8 months of the year. You have to spend extra money for non-versatile meal plans, and penalties if something happens and you need to leave without much notice.

Living off campus, remedies most of these expenses and results in a much more affordable lifestyle and gives you a lot more flexibility to pay for other things you may want. The money you spend living on campus will usually result in very small personal living corders and by putting the same amount of money towards living off campus, you can almost double your personal living space every time. You will no longer have to eat the same boring meals everyday; meals that usually do not fit your dietary restrictions or simply your own preferences. By having your own space, you can save money and cook whatever your heart desires. By living off campus, you also give yourself a lot more flexibility and if the unexpected happens and you need to move out, you have the ability to sublease your place without paying fees and having the headache of dealing with all the restrictions imposed by the University.


There’s no secret, dorms are tiny and equal to barely any privacy. You more than often have to share your bedroom with a complete stranger, share the understocked kitchen, and nonetheless share the communal bathrooms with a lot more people than you should. By living off campus, you can choose to have your own space, your own door, your own lock, and you can decide when you want to share your space with others. Having the ability to choose for yourself when it is best to have company shouldn’t be a luxury.


When living in residences, you are assigned specific areas and room layouts to choose from, usually very restrictive and dependent on your budget. Living off campus gives you the ability to shop for your own space and layout. You decide what you are willing to share and what you want in your property. You can hang things on the wall and sometimes even paint depending on your landlord. You can truly personalize your space and make it just the way you like it! You also have the ability to choose where your rental is located, you might want to be right by campus, closer to your work, your favorite restaurant, or even to your parent’s house. The possibilities are endless and can be designed to suit your personal needs.


Some people may say that you will miss some opportunities to meet new people and make friends if you do not live in residences. We believe this statement is quite wrong, there is nothing stopping you from having a social life if you live off campus. Indeed, if you are off campus, you have a greater chance of being close to events outside of school which can sometimes appeal to a lot more individuals, which would allow you to easily meet new people. You can invite all your friends over and hang out comfortably instead of cramming into your tiny residence room or having to hang out in the lecture halls because your roommate is trying to sleep. Good old Roommates. Living off campus gives you a better opportunity to choose a roommate that you know personally and could get along with. This is truly an advantage as, you would not only be able to attend more events, have a great relationship with your roommate, you end up having a lot more privacy and freedom than in residences.


Off campus, you are an independent student, who is able to manage its time and resources effectively. In dorms, you are considered a child who has to obey the university guidelines and restrictions. Off campus, there are no rules beyond the ones you set for yourself. This freedom gives you maturity and independence and helps you learn important life skills, by making mistakes and learning from them.

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