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Top 5 things you should know before living off-campus

Updated: Jan 19

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1. Research your Neighborhood

Each city offers its own neighbourhood crime map showing the crime statistics and trends within the neighborhoods. When moving to a new city, using this tool will allow you to make an informed decision of where to live off campus and still feel safe.

2. Research your school's website

Whether you're a domestic or international student, your school's website offers information about residence and off-campus housing services offered. For example University of Alberta page provides relevant information about Edmonton's student environment and is a great resource of all housing options available to you that you may have not considered yet.

3. Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant

Each province has slight differences in renting practices. Within Alberta, this site will allow you to remain aware of your rights and responsibilities as a student renter, as well as your landlord's. If you're unsure about what information a lease or tenancy agreement should include, what a damage deposit is and what is allowed during your tenancy, this is a great tool for you to reference anytime.

4. Your budget and all the costs involved with renting

The costs involved in renting off campus in Edmonton are based on a monthly rent term. Costs will include:

  1. monthly rent

  2. utilities that include: heat, water, power, Wi-Fi and waste management

  3. parking fees

  4. damage deposit, which can legally only be high as one month's rent

*For apartments: it is common for water and heat to be included in the price of rent. But parking fees are usually additional unless otherwise stated.

*For houses and basement suites: waste management is a utility that may rarely occur

5. Do you want to live with roommates or alone?

The answer to this will speed up your search for a place. Our filters allow you the option of renting a room in a house or renting an entire unit alone or with roommates. Some of our properties have more than one room available allowing you to also move in with your friends. You can save money this way and still live with students in your major.

Here are more tips that can help you with your decision to live with roommates.

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