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Troubleshooting: Update your availability for viewings

The viewing times for your property are determined by the availability you set. As the summer season starts getting busier, you can change your availability to meet growing interest from students.

1.Change your availability times for viewings

This is found under Settings and by clicking on "your availability" tab. You can add the time slots you are available for by clicking on the white day tab to add time. You can also add separate time slots under the days you've already selected. Follow the steps shown in the image below to update your availability.

*The example shows an availability of Friday, 12:30-5:30 pm being entered.*

2. Delete your availability

Deleting your availability can be done one of two ways shown below. You can scroll down to the available days listed and delete each separate time slot shown, or click on the blue day tab to delete the entire day's availability with one click.

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