Host real Students and earn Guaranteed rental income.


Your rental income is always protected. Always.

Rent is always on time

Your rent will always arrive in your account on time, even if the student is a little behind. You never have to worry about late rent.

24/7 Help Line

We’re here every day of the week to answer any questions, or help resolve any issues. You never have to deal with your tenants alone.

45-day Rent Protection

If your tenant breaks the lease or stops making payments, we'll cover the cost of rent for up to 45 days while we help you find alternatives.

It's easy to get started

List your Home how you want

List your rentals as entire units or separate rooms. Set your rules and requirements. Reach hundreds of students looking for housing.

Pick the right tenants

Set your availability and get viewings requests only when you're free. Review applications and screen interested students.

Create a lease and start earning

Create and customize a legal lease with as many modifications as you want. Collect rent, utilities and other bills, with is deposited directly to your bank account.

Join a growing community of Hosts

Join thousands of other Hosts in giving Students a place to call Home during their studies.

In Partnership with the Biggest Institutions

Tenants that will take care of your investment

Every student on Elev is real and always verified. With references ready to go, and Proof of Funds for you to verify, students on Elev are always of top quality.

Ready to start earning?

Create an account and set up your listing in less than 5 minutes

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